Erotic Intelligence and the Alchemy of Intimacy

Sexual Intelligence = knowledge + emotional skills + body awareness - Marty Klein

Sexual Intelligence = knowledge + emotional skills + body awareness - Marty Klein

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Friday, March 13th in Venice, California
Come for an evening of connection and exploration, as we answer the question: “What is intimacy?” Fun and engaging, this playshop weaves a variety of simple exercises and experiments together to create a varied and profound experience of how we can choose to relate to one another.

-What kind of erotic presence do you hold?

-What is your capacity for creating and sustaining intimate connections?

-What is the range and depth of your embodiment?

-What can you call forth from your lover, your date or from a potential date?

-What are your edges and how do they hold you back from expressing and enjoying your full erotic & relational potential?

-How can you open up energetically to attract a great lover or partner, or deepen and turn up the heat in the relationship you are in?

Cost- $20 for early birds; $25 there after.
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With Sexuality Empowerment Coach and Relationship Counselor Bannigan McDade, we will explore some of the ways you connect with others as an erotic being. Through lecture, sharing and experiential exercises, you will also widen your range in creating emotional intimacy and connection.
We will look at the strengths and weak spots in your habitual patterns of relating. You will gain more tools, that can help you deepen your interactions as well as make them more playful and fun.

You can come solo or with a partner.

You will learn:

How to keep a sense of yourself while being in connection.

About the various kinds of intimacy available to you, right now.

How to ask for what you want in a way that invites an honest response.

The difference between consent and permission.

A deeper sense of ease and excitement around intimacy.

You will leave feeling charged up, replenished, with a brand new outlook on what is possible for you and your relationships, and even a few potential new friends!

We look forward to sharing with you!
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