Touch Playshop for Lovers

with Bannigan McDade & Melissa Brooke
Saturday, March 28th ~ 7:30-10:00pm
Yoga Raj
2001 S. Barrington Ave, West Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Are you craving deeper intimacy with your partner?
Looking for something different on a Saturday evening?
Are you wondering how to take pleasure to the next level?
Are you ready to ignite your sex life?

Open the doors to the power of conscious touch. Learn the nonverbal language of sensuality, that speaks to our deepest needs and desires. In this playshop we will learn practices that make love a full bodied, sensual experience.

You will learn:
How to confidently ask for what you want.
Touch tools for different intentions.
Sexy ways to give effective feedback.
How to heighten presence and sensitivity.
How to tune into your partner’s most subtle nuances.
How to open to new possibilities for sensation play.

Come with a partner(s) or touchable friend(s). This playshop will not contain any nudity or explicit sexual content. Pre-registration is required for entry.

You will leave feeling energized and inspired, with new skills to play with, and a night just beginning to unfold with possibilities.


Couples  $97  (ticket for 2)            
Trios $127  (ticket for 3)

Armed with a passion for sexual health and wellness, Melissa Brooke hopes to provide people with tools that lead to vibrant relationship with themselves and others. As a sexual health educator, yoga teacher, and writer, she hopes to empower people to cultivate confidence in their bodies and relationships through knowledge and embodied practice.

After completing her Masters in Education, Melissa ran a sexuality education program for middle school students through Planned Parenthood. As a health educator at UCLA, she worked with undergrad students in mindfulness and stress management. She currently teaches yoga in the Los Angeles area and is a contributor to LA Yoga Magazine. Melissa is currently working as an apprentice to Lara Catone and is excited to soon share her expanded knowledge in holistic women’s health and sexual wellness.

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Bannigan McDade is a mad scientist of love, pushing the edges of human capacity for connection and intimacy.   Through a combination of lived-experience, profound training, and professional service he has come to be regarded as an expert in the realm of modern human relationships.  Bannigan has the rare ability to quickly ascertain where any relationship is stuck or struggling, and offer clear, simple steps to create powerful shifts toward more expansion and deeper connection.   He is constantly teaching (and learning) emotional intelligence, the foundational strength required to achieve the full potential of love that is our birthright.

Bannigan’s credentials include an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology and California State Certification as a Sexological Bodyworker. His relationship counseling and sex therapy practice is based out of Santa Monica, CA, serving clients throughout the United States.