I firmly believe that the relationship of your dreams is within your reach.  I can help you create that relationship, and I promise it will be even better than you can imagine. 

It may demand things of you that you never thought possible, and I can help you meet those demands.

I can teach you how to win the fights you cannot afford to lose without having to dominate or punish your loved ones.  You can learn how to get the fruits of collaboration around the most intimate needs you seek to have met.


"...He took the time to get to know both of us and made us feel at ease in our sessions, but at the same time challenged us both in ways that proved he understood our different personalities. His warm but probing demeanor and thoughtful insights and questions pushed our relationship to a much stronger, more mutually understanding place.

Bannigan was very open-minded in terms of what type of relationship might be best for us. He is unafraid to discuss (and is very knowledgeable about) a wide array of types of relationships, but does not push any one over another. Rather, he truly worked with us to think through how we could form a relationship that is genuine, honest, purposeful, and carefully considered (not simply "understood" through pre-existing cultural ideas).

We also greatly appreciated his depth of knowledge on all sorts of subjects. We worked through issues surrounding difficult family issues, the trade-off of jealousy vs. boredom, our differing concepts of marriage (which we didn't even realize we had before our sessions), our different communication styles, dealing with depression, and normal day-to-day conflict..."

— Excerpt from a Yelp Review

"...I turned to Bannigan and Open with Care for advise in navigating the waters of open relationship. These were waters I that I had never entered and knew that I needed to turn to someone who could guide me through them. I felt very pleased with being able to turn to Bannigan during this time.

My experience with Bannigan regrading this issue was like taking a ton of bricks off my shoulders. Before speaking with him I was confused and lacking in direction. The advice and wisdom that I received provided me with clarity a proper sense of action.

There are not words to describe the genuine care I felt coming from Bannigan as I was telling him my situation.It was really amazing to sit with someone who was so willing to listen. I was able to fully tell my story, and then receive accurate applicable advice regarding the situation. Bannigan provided invaluable insight  that left me  feeling inspired to take on my relationship from this new place of clarity...."

— Excerpt from a Yelp Review

"I came to Bannigan when I was going through a rough time in my relationship. I had heard of open relationships but had no idea how they worked or how to handle the misstep that had happened in mine.  I felt alone and lost, but after our first session I already felt more assured and relieved than I had in a long time. Like people have said here before, it was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders! I finally had the clarity that I knew was there somewhere to talk to my partner openly and  most importantly, with love and understanding. Bannigan has an incredible intuitive talent to guide others to heal themselves. He brought clearness to my thoughts and feelings and, most importantly, taught me to acknowledge and honor what I feel. Using the tools exercises he taught me has helped me be more present and aware of each moment and made experiences feel more real, bringing me closer to my own truth.  Bannigan is truly compassionate and listens more attentively than anybody I know. His ability to hold space for his clients alone is invaluable and so important to the work. I've applied what I have learned here in all aspects of my life. I am extremely grateful to Bannigan and highly recommend him to anyone."

— Yelp Review

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