Bannigan McDade is a mad scientist of love, pushing the edges of human capacity for connection and intimacy.

Bannigan McDade, MA

Bannigan McDade, MA

Through a combination of lived-experience, profound training, and professional service he has come to be regarded as an expert in the realm of modern human relationships.  He has the rare ability to quickly ascertain where any relationship is stuck or struggling, and offer clear, simple steps to create powerful shifts toward more expansion and deeper connection.   He is constantly teaching (and learning) emotional intelligence, the foundational strength required to achieve the full potential of love that is our birthright.

A gifted mind, Bannigan was recruited directly out of college into a prominent multi-national corporation’s advanced technologies think-tank.  He left after completing his contract’s required 365 days to seek a life that would feed his soul.

Since then, Bannigan’s journey has taken him many places. He was fully immersed in a revolutionary commune for two and a half years, delving into an intense interpersonal crucible, which actively challenged all social constructs.  He has traveled the world, having explored Europe as a student, Africa as a wanderer, toured South America as a martial artist,  India as a circus performer, South East Asia as a spiritual seeker, and the High Seas as an eco-pirate.

He has served as the Finance Director of a mid-sized peace and justice non-profit and the founding CFO of a profitable video game business.  

He has gone deep into silence and stillness, immersing himself in silent retreats with his teacher, Adyashanti.  He has explored ecstatic bacchanals, as both director and dancer in the Fire Conclave, the single largest fire performance on earth taking place annually at the world-renowned Burning Man festival.

Yet the most profound journey upon the road less traveled has been one of the heart.

Bannigan’s most treasured experiences are those shared with his closest loved ones, and he is blessed by his amazing family.

Bannigan has a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He practiced psychotherapy at the Church Street Integral Counseling Center in San Francisco. 

Bannigan has completed two Advanced Gestalt Therapy training groups through the Bay Area Gestalt Institute, as well as additional training in Human Sexuality with Sue Ellen Wise.  

Bannigan is also a California State Certified Sexological Bodyworker through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.