Bannigan McDade, MA


Bannigan McDade is a mad scientist of love, pushing the edges of human capacity for connection and intimacy.

Through a combination of lived-experience, profound training, and professional service he has come to be regarded as an expert in the realm of modern human relationships. He has the rare ability to quickly ascertain where any relationship is stuck or struggling, and offer clear, simple steps to create powerful shifts toward more expansion and deeper connection.  He is constantly teaching (and learning) emotional intelligence, the foundational strength required to achieve the full potential of love that is our birthright.

A gifted mind, Bannigan was recruited directly out of college into a prominent multi-national corporation’s advanced technologies think-tank. He left after completing his contract’s required 365 days to seek a life that would feed his soul.




I firmly believe that the relationship of your dreams is within your reach.  I can help you create that relationship, and I promise it will be even better than you can imagine. 

It may also demand things of you that you never thought possible, and I can help you meet those demands. I can teach you how to win the fights you cannot afford to lose without having to dominate or punish your loved ones.  You can learn how to get the fruits of collaboration around the most intimate needs you seek to have met.


Life Coaching

Life coaching might be right for you
if you are:

Feeling overwhelmed by everything life is demanding of you

Feeling unfulfilled, lost, or stuck

Ready to find a partner or lover, but not having any luck

Struggling with your family relationships

Unhappy with your job, ready to play a bigger game

Looking at your life and thinking, “Is this it?"




Bannigan McDade, MA

Ashland, OR